Professional Development Opportunities

Study Group Application, 2016-17

Graduate Work Reimbursement
The Marblehead School District teacher contract includes a provision for graduate level course at the rate of 100% of the first $135.00 and 75% of the remaining balance of the tuition costs upon successful completion.

Professional Development Committee
Staff members can submit proposals for and requests for study group and workshops. These proposals must be directly related to curriculum frameworks, district improvement goals, highly qualified improvement plans.

Professional Resource Libraries
Each building in their district maintains a professional shelf with books and journals supporting teachers in the areas of teaching methods, curriculum design and educational standards. Each school psychologist and team chair has books describing disability types and suggestions for accommodating the curriculum to meet student needs.

Summer Workshops
Each summer the district funds a variety of professional development activities in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Technology to enhance the skills of teachers and paraprofessionals.

District Mentoring Programs
Teachers who are new to the district attend an orientation program in the summer prior to the start of the school year. This induction provides introductions to district staff members and programs as well as extensive information on school policies and procedures. Each new staff member is assigned an individual mentor to work with throughout the year, as they become acclimated to school culture and practices.

Consultation Services
Teachers have access to various types of consultation to assist them with student needs in their classrooms. Types of consultation include but are not limited to:
1. Consultants who provide information and strategies related to specific, low-incidence disabilities.
2. Consultants who observe in classrooms and provide strategies for behavior management.
3. Special Education faculty provides consultation in their areas of expertise to classroom teachers.

Final 9/9/2012

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