The Marblehead METCO PCO board members are chosen by METCO parents who vote annually in June for candidates to fill the following positions. During the school year, the METCO PCO convenes once a month to conduct parent meetings held in the evening at the YMCA in Dorchester. Often, guest speakers from the school administration and the METCO, Inc. board will attend these meetings to meet with families to get to know them and to address any of their concerns. These meetings are also planning times to organize Marblehead METCO yearly events such as the annual March Musical Extravaganza. The METCO PCO board members will also meet outside of scheduled parent meetings to further organize events.

"Building a bridge of communication is the key to our success"

                                                                                  -Monique Dillon Lloyd

PCO Officers and Duties

President and Co-President:

    Plan end execute 6-8 Parent Council Meetings per year
    Represent the views of all parents
    Coordinate the calendar for specific events throughout the school year
    Organize and schedule speakers and run the meetings
    Coordinate the roles of all other Board members; schedule Board meetings
    Review and approve all final minutes of PCO meetings


    Take minutes at each Parent Council Meeting
    Post approved minutes via e-mail
    Track action items for PCO Board members

Treasurer (To be held by one person):

    Organize annual membership drive and collect dues
    Announce and set annual budget
    Track expenses monthly with PCO President and Co-President
    Report financials at each meeting
    Post Treasurer's Report in PCO Meetings Book

Lead Volunteer Coordinator

    Identify and sign-up four assistant volunteers for upcoming events
    Coordinate volunteers for activities including:

  •     Back to School Check-in
  •     Holiday Luncheon (volunteers, supplies and food donations)
  •     Annual May Parent Appreciation Luncheon (volunteers, supplies and food)
  •     Annual February Student Appreciation Brunch
  •     Back to school cook-out and welcoming of new parents

School Chairperson (TBD)

Each school will have a school representative that will stay in contact with his/her school’s PCO and keep us up to date with the school calendar by using email, phone and school visits.  (S)he will report back to other members of the group who have students attending that particular school.

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