The Marblehead METCO Program has many exciting, informative events that it sponsors each academic year. These events are designed to assist METCO students in getting acclimated to the Marblehead school community and also to introduce METCO and our urban culture to Marblehead students and residents.

For METCO students, the academic year begins on an August evening with the first PCO meeting held at the Dorchester YMCA. School rules and regulations along with METCO policies and procedures including Bus rules are reviewed in detail. This is a mandatory meeting for parents. If a child is eligible to receive a backpack with supplies but the parent or guardian fails to attend this meeting, then the backpack will be assigned to some other child in the program.  Backpacks are loaded with school supplies and gifts and are donated to the METCO Program each year by the Community of Friends of Marblehead. These generous gifts are matched later in the year by the same organization when they donate Christmas stockings chock full of presents!

Christmas Party PCO Meeting in December

For many METCO families, the burden of providing their families and extended families with a memorable Christmas each year can be overwhelming. Our Christmas Party PCO meeting provides our students (especially the smaller children) with a fun evening that is a prelude the celebrations of the season. 

METCO Lobby Day  in March

As noted earlier on the METCO Home Page, the grant which funds the METCO Program is voted on annually by the Legislature when determining the Commonwealth's annual budget. The Line Item for the METCO budget has, of late, been constantly down-scaled. This means lower contributions to the METCO Communities who are a committed part of the program. METCO has been forced to scale back on much needed student services, such as Tutoring or other Academic Assistance programs. This is where METCO Lobby Day plays such an important role. Each March, METCO families, administrators, community staff members and students go to the State House to "lobby" their State Representatives and Senators, to vote for METCO by maintaining level funding for the program.

METCO Musical Extravaganza (TBD)
Each year, METCO puts on a musical variety show which highlights African-American music. Locally recognized artists from Boston, along with Marblehead School band and choruses perform familiar "hits" of acclaimed African-American artists along with historic and religious songs. The proceeds from the event go to support the Tyrone Bumpers Scholarship which benefits graduating seniors from Marblehead High School by providing them laptops along with a monetary award. Each year, one Marblehead resident student and one Boston resident student who are the winners of the scholarship, receive the laptop and cash award.
The late Tyrone Bumpers was a METCO graduate of MHS who was shot in the neck while attempting to break-up a fight in downtown Boston. His peace-making attempt left him a quadriplegic for the remaining eight years of his life. He was twenty-six when he slipped into a coma that was the result of injuries sustained due to the shooting. Tyrone Bumpers spent his life advocating for peace and non-violence.
METCO Placement Day in April

Each year in late April or Early May, Marblehead METCO invites new students and their families to the Bell School. After a light breakfast there, they meet Marblehead School Administrators, teachers and METCO staff. The students undergo placement testing in Math and English. The placement testing is used to determine what classes and at what levels, they should be placed when they come to Marblehead. It is also used to determine what assistance, for example, ELL support, they may need. This morning also gives the METCO Director a chance to interview the families and review METCO Policies with them. They also get a chance to meet the K-6 Bus Monitor and go over Bus stops and policies. After the testing, many of the families often tour Marblehead and the school they will attend in the fall.

Senior Panel Brunch – TBD

Annually, towards the end of each academic year, METCO hosts a panel consisting of that year's graduating seniors. We invite the entire school community as well as members of the broader Marblehead community to come and listen to their stories and observe the Q & A session we hold to let Marblehead know what it is like to be a Marblehead METCO student. We offer a light breakfast for the community to enjoy while participating in the Q & A session. In the past, this sometimes spirited and frank discussion offers the community an insight into the lives of METCO students and their families. Click on the photo to read more about last year's seniors.

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End-of-the-Year PCO Party in June

This is time to reminisce about the year, say good-bye to new found friends and to look forward to the year to come. METCO's PCO hold an annual party (funds permitting) where they provide a picnic, pot luck dinner at the Dorchester YMCA. Often, academic monetary awards and other student prizes are handed out to those students who earned them through hard work and diligence.

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