Viewing Grade Information

Grade information in Aspen is stored in two different places - under the Academics tab and in the Published Reports Widget.

Assignment information on the Academics Tab

Parents of HS and Veterans School students can click on the Academics Tab in Aspen. Grading information will display as it is released by the classroom teacher. This information consists of individual assignments that the teacher will release according to the schedule set forth by each school. Some teachers may release information more often than that schedule.

When you click on the Academics Tab at the top, you will see the list of your child's classes and the average at that time. The average will fluctuate as graded assignments are released by the teacher. Click on a class, then on the Assignments side tab for more details.

Report Cards in Published Reports

Report cards will be published in the Published Reports Widget located on the Pages top tab. The Pages top tab is the first screen you see when you log in. Published reports is located in the lower right side of the screen. Once a report card is published for your viewing, you may click the report to view it. You can save or print these published reports.

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