Dear Marblehead Public Schools Families, Staff and Community,

 As we close out another school year, I wanted to not only thank families and the community in their role(s) of supporting MPS and their students, but to also take a moment to summarize and reflect on some of our successes of the year.

As a recap to the high level goals driving strategic district planning and positive student outcomes were four guiding priorities as defined by School Committee and district Administration. These goals included:

1. Student Learning – Student achievement through curriculum development, alignment, assessment and instruction.

2. Technology, Facilities and School Budget – Funding and advancing technology and facilities promoting the highest potential outcomes for student and faculty achievement.

3. Human Resources and staff outreach – Improving human resources operations and communication to provide greater support, transparency, communication and team building improving organizational culture and staff retention.

4. Community Engagement – Improving family and community engagement providing collaborative and transparent exchanges dedicated to positive student achievement and outcomes.

You will often hear me repeat two phrases: ‘Students first’ and ‘Curriculum drives the district’. Often in truly understanding the core philosophies of a district, tough decisions become easier as we look to our consistent guiding principles. As evidence of successes aligned with the goals, I invite you to view our public district reports page:

Here you will find not only synopsis and exemplars of goal-driven successes from this school year, but departmental-specific reporting from curriculum strategic planning, technology and facilities reporting, to the fiscal 18 budget process and outcome. As we continue to work toward community engagement and collaboration, I encourage you to review those district reports and communications that may interest you and reach out to me or our administrative team with any questions input or follow up.

Vision for 2017-2018

As a part of our summer work, we will be working to create district goals for the coming school year. Expanding on some of our well-received initiatives of the past year, including School Committee school building-based meetings, Superintendent public forums, the senior elementary walk and many other community-based goals, we seek to identify innovative and engaging student and community driven programs and ideas.

While curriculum, operations, facilities, technology and budget work are perennial and long term or multi-year in nature, student-based target strategic initiatives are annual drivers of the School Committee and district administrative teams. Some of the goals in the works for the upcoming school year are:

1. Allergy Awareness – In becoming an allergy aware district, we will review current food and allergen protocols, provide student-based allergen awareness curriculum both in the classroom and as a part of faculty professional development and training. Parents and community will round out this initiative as we seek to work collaboratively as a team to promote allergen awareness and safety for all students and families.

2. Service Learning Curriculum – Unify and expand upon the existing district service learning unit study and exercises encouraging students to understand, identify and pursue opportunities to contribute as citizens, in helping others and the community.

Congratulations to our retirees

The most recent School Committee meeting recognized district faculty retirees. We wish them the best and are thankful for their years of service. 

Mimi Shapiro- began teaching in 1976 and has been a teacher for 21 years. Mimi came to Marblehead in 1988 and began teaching a double kindergarten class at the Eveleth School. After a few years she moved to 1st grade where she has remained until her retirement.

Pascale Queval-has been teaching for 23 years (21 years at MHS). She hopes to fully pursue her own career as an artist and will split her time between her homes here and abroad in France.

Deb Antonucci-has taught for 17 years. She helped build one of the most successful language-based programs in the state. Her best memories are being able to look into the eyes of her students and see the light go on when they have finally mastered a skill.

Laurie Lovely- has been teaching for 24 years. She decided to become a teacher because she enjoys young people and helping them learn about the world in which they live. She helped create a high performing science department at Veterans.

Kathy Smith- has been teaching for 23 years. She likes teaching math because it is logical. She plans to move closer to her daughters and help raise her grandchildren.

Moe Darci- has been a kindergarten teacher for 27 years in Marblehead and is the first contact for the schools for both students and parents. She hopes to enjoy traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.


As we close out the 2016-2017 year, I am forever grateful to my staff and administrators for all the hard work and dedication to our district and students. Our teachers are the heart of this district and they continue to amaze me every year. Thank you for all you do!

Have a happy and safe summer,

Maryann Perry

Superintendent of Schools

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